This Couple Adopted A Cute Puppy – A Year Later He Turned Out Bigger Than Some Horses

He gets taller than a horse (Video)

When Nevada couple Nicholas Helms and Jessica Williams got their first Great Dane puppy, they had no idea the little cutie would grow up into a 7-foot-tall giant ! At just 2 years, Rocko weighs over 167 lbs and his freakishly large stature has put him in league with the tallest dogs of the world! The couple says their dog is so big, they think he may be “part horse.” 

He loves to play tug-of-war. But unlike other dogs, Rocko will drag you across the floor. Aside from his size, the 160 pound pup is full of character, almost human-like. He is highly independent and has learned to open doors on his own and drink water straight from the kitchen sink. But when it comes to being tough, Rocko fails miserably! This silly guy whines every time he sees an animal getting hurt on TV, and wouldn’t stop crying until his parents comfort him!

Is he half Dane or half pony?

Rocko might be a big softie, but that doesn’t stop him from being a “walking mayhem” in the neighborhood. His enormous wagging tail can act like a whip, so Nicholas and Jessica make sure to keep him out of the way of kids during walks. The couple thinks that Rocko’s huge size and emotional persona only make him more human, and they hope to keep him healthy and happy for a long time! Watch the video, it’s incredible and hard to believe! He can drink water from the kitchen sink without even reaching up. 

“We didn’t realize he was going to be so big,” said Nicholas Helms. “He was so big we were like — oh my God, is he half Dane or half pony? What’s going on here?”


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