Dog apologizes to baby in the most precious way after stealing her toy and making her cry

Dog apologizes to baby (Video)

We all make mistakes in life. But what really matters is to correct this mistakes and try to not repeat them. It’s how you recover from them that really shows your true character. This video proves it’s never too late to apologize to friends. Charlie the beagle and Laura the baby have a lot in common: They’re both SO FRIGGIN’ CUTE, for one. They also both like toys. Actually, they both like the same toys. Which is occasionally a problem when Charlie steals toys from Laura…

Apparently Charlie just couldn’t control himself when someone dangled a toy in front of baby Laura, so he took it and walked away. A few seconds later, baby Laura lets out a cry and Charlie seems to realize he’s done something wrong. Charlie’s guilty conscience gets the best of him. He feels so guilty than he tries to make things right and he sets about apologizing.

Simply adorable!

So when this dog removed a toy from a child, he acted just like any parent who has done the wrong thing. What Charlie immediately did to calm the baby and show her that he was sorry is simply adorable! He piled the child with ALL the toys, even a Playstation controller, offering her a steady stream of “I’m sorry” gifts like a primitive human giving tributes to a god. Watch the video, it’s so funny and touching too!

We’re glad that these two made up, because they make a pretty charming pair. With this gesture of love, the baby can’t really stay mad against Charlie… He’ll be soon forgiven!

The video posted to Charlie’s YouTube page has gotten more than 21 million views. For Charlie’s Facebook page, click here.

Moral of the story: making amends can help keep friends!


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