This dog are bored so he has an amazing scheme to get every passersby to play with him!

See how she executed her deviously brilliant plan 

Dogs are a lot more clever than we sometimes give them credit for. Sure, they don’t have the stealthy, self-possessed demeanor of cats, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be wickedly brilliant when they really put their minds to something! Sue is a typical Border Collie – too smart for her own good. She has figured out exactly how to get everyone who passes by her house to play fetch, and it’s absolutely genius.

Her ploy is actually quite simple: When she goes outside to play in her Netherlands yard, she “accidentally” loses her ball over the fence and then sits beside it looking sad so people will toss her ball back to her. When someone has thrown the ball they continue along their way, so they don’t see what happens next.  Sue fetches it and then drops it over the fence for the next unsuspecting person traveling past.

A brilliant plan!

Hopefully no one catches on to Sue’s ruse, but even if they do, they’ll likely lob the ball over the fence, anyway, because how could ya not? Most folks probably never realized they’d even be duped into her game at all … but this video (from hidden camera) proves Sue knows exactly what she’s doing. Best of all, Sue is able to find plenty of participants to her little game, as seen in the clip. How can anyone ignore that adorable face! I would definitely stop to throw the ball back to her. Would you? Watch her cute antics in the video.

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