This Firefighter has done something incredible to save this dog! It’s a real HERO!

What he has done is amazing!

A video showing a Romanian firefighter resuscitating a dog to save his life went viral on social networks and was viewed more than 1.5 million times in less than 24 hours. The video post, which was uploaded by a local photo reporter who filmed the whole thing, also had comments around the world, most of them from people who thanked the firefighter for his gesture of saving the animal.

The action took place in Pitesti after a fire broke in an apartment. The man who lived in the apartment got smoke poisoning and was taken to the hospital in a coma. After getting the man out, the firefighters also found his dog, who had also been intoxicated with smoke. One of the firefighters started performing CPR to the dog as the animal had troubles breathing. After chest compressions, the man even did mouth to mouth to the dog before a colleague brought him an oxygen mask.

He wants to adopt the dog!

If the fireman had not intervened, the dog would have had no chance of survival,” said Liliana Stanila, a veterinarian, to the news agency. This young hero of Pitesti (120 km northwest of Bucharest) was very touched by the thousands of messages received from all over the world! “I received messages from everywhere, from Dubai, Spain, Germany, France, Italy and England,” said the firefighter, confident that he would like to adopt the pup, “if his master agreed.” No life’s worth more than any other and this man understood it well. Look at what he did to save this poor dog… A BREATHTAKING MOMENT!

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