This Is Not His Car Or His Dog, But He Breaks BMW Window To Rescue Dog!

He breaks BMW window to rescue dog!

If you see a dog trapped inside a hot car, what would you do? A determined man in Ontario, Canada didn’t hesitate to hurl a massive rock at a car window to save a puppy. He broke the window of a BMW with a rock to save a puppy that appeared to be overheating in the parking. This video uploaded on Facebook, shows the unidentified man repeatedly hurling a large rock at the window, and ultimately breaking it.

When he finally broke through, the car’s sole occupant – a weak, disoriented dog – scrambled into his arms. Gasps turned to cheers, the crowd broke into applause as the small white dog was seen being removed from inside. “There was a music festival happening and the announcer mentioned there was a dog in a hot car and for the owner to let the dog out,” told Will Costa, the man who took the video.“No one came after a while so everyone got together to solve the issue. After the dog was rescued, the owners showed up 50 minutes later. Police, took custody of the dog.”

Temperatures climb rapidly!

You should never leave a dog alone in a car, especially during the hot summer months. It is an incredibly dangerous situation that could cost your precious pet its life. We’re happy this man found what he needed to get this dog out. Leaving your pet in a parked car is never OK. Temperatures climb rapidly in close confines — 80 degrees outside, for example, can mean up to 99 degrees inside in just 10 minutes. And even if it’s only in the low 70s, the temperature can skyrocket to 116 degrees within an hour. Watch the video, had the rescue taken a few more minutes, this story might not have had such a happy ending. Kudos to you, sir, for your quick thinking!

Police said the owners were not upset the window was broken,

If you see a dog trapped inside a hot car, what would you do?


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