This Man Came To Adopt A Puppy – But Not Everything Goes As Planned

Man is adorably “Attacked” by multiple puppies (Video)

Dogs, being descended from wolves are still intrinsically pack-animals. Because of this, they operate in groups to take down their targets. Even a group of pups together can be a formidable force for an unsuspecting victim. Kim Wurster shared this adorable video of a man getting smothered by a playful litter of 7-week-old Golden Retriever puppies. After she opens a safety gate, the puppies stampede over to him and quickly swarm him and give him puppy kisses. The scene for this carnivorous crime was none other than a breeding facility known as Valley Golden Retrievers. 

Like a pack ravenous for their next frolic, they erupt from behind their gates like a clumsy hoard. If they didn’t get easily distracted by leaves and trip over their over-sized paws they would be a formidable threat. When they locate the unsuspecting target of their next attack, they waste no time in swarming him. If you have a weak stomach for high levels of adorable, we suggest watching the video with a stuffed toy or pet of your own to release excess cuddles. This shocking footage had over 10 million views!

They bring him down with affection

When a bunch of pint-sized golden retrievers forge an alliance, there is no longer hope for escape. After the puppies are all released, all heck breaks loose. This man falls right into their friendly trap. Fortunately, this is the kind of mischievous mauling we can all get behind. With wagging tails and licking tongues, they overpower the man, who in his state of distress can do nothing but giggle under the weight of their attack. He truly is a helpless soul. Watch the video, these graphic images reveal the brutal reality of a wild pack of golden retriever puppies at their worst.

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