This Woman Uses Horses as Her Canvas And Turns Them Into Artworks

She clips her artwork on the horses (Video)

When it comes to artwork, we all think that artworks are only made upon the canvas. Well, there have been so many creative artists who have proven that there is more to it. Canvas is not the only place you can have your artwork at. Some used clothes, some used their own body to cover it up with tattoos, etc. This woman who is known as Horse Barber has a great hand at art but rather than sticking to the mainstream canvas display of her creative skills. She decided to use horses as her canvas. She is a young barber one of a kind! By combining her two passions, she produces some of the most unexpected designs in the equine world.

Melody Hames is a 32 years old woman who always had a special love and attraction towards horses. She was an artist and she loved being around horses. She discovered her passion when she was 9 years old. At the time she spent her hours cutting the hair of Connemara, her pony, who was suffering from too much fur, especially in the summer. After years of training, Melody Hames is now able to turn a horse into artwork and has created her own business.She started her brand Horse Barber 5 years ago. At the start, she was only restricted to her city and then her state but now she travels around the globe in order to give a horse somewhere in a part of the earth a new hairstyle or a completely different look.

She gives a horse a new look

She has traveled from the United States to Ireland and has drawn her artwork on so many horses to perfect her skills. She clips her artwork on the horses and these depict a story. She is confident her work is entirely safe and holds the horses’ well-being at the forefront of her work. She believes the stigma around artistic clipping is borne from a lack of understanding .“A lot of people who speak negatively about it don’t actually realize that the horses they see on TV are normally clipped.” she said, referring to racehorses.“I just want to educate people that horses have been clipped for 100 years at least, probably a lot longer. It just so happens that mine stand out.” It is not an easy job as sometimes that horse may panic and her job can take as much as 10-15 hours to get done with one design. She says that now she travels around the world creating the clippings as well as teaching other people the same art. She does not only clips in winters when the horses develop a fresh new fur but she does it all around the year. Her favorite model is Romeo, her horse. Although he is very nervous, he really trusts her: there is a real synergy between the two. Watch the video, we let you discover her work more closely.

And you ? What do you think of these gigantic models? There is a lot of work, but are they majestic? Or just ridiculous?

Check out her talent and all her creations directly on her Instagram account thehorsebarber_melody.


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