Touching Moment – Lost For Weeks, This Dog Receives An Unexpected Visit At The Shelter

Emotional reunion (Video)

There is no worse feeling than losing someone that you love. Sergeant Dahlberg, the soldier in the video, had been feeling that panic deep in her gut. For weeks, the soldier along with her two children, had been without their beloved dog, Ginger, who went missing after running away from home. Ginger got a bit too far away from home one day and got terribly lost. So much time had passed with no sign of her, they’d begun to fear that Ginger might never be found, but still they never stopped searching.

Thankfully, Sgt. Dahlberg remained vigilant in her search for Ginger. Along with actually looking around the area, she also remembered to keep in touch with local rescues and shelters. It was through her efforts that she was finally able to locate Ginger.  The dog that she never thought to see again would be returned to her. They look high and low until finally, as they were beginning to lose hope afraid their beloved puppy was lost forever, Sargeant Dahlberg saw Ginger on the Front Street Animal Shelter – City of Sacramento’s website. She immediately rushed down and brought her two children to the shelter to get their dog. The heartwarming reunion was caught on tape by worker Bobby Mann…

Heartwarming reunion

In the video, Ginger is audibly whimpering, happy to be back with her family. The reunion was very emotional, she wasn’t wagging her tail or happy like any another reunite, she was missing her family, Ginger being reunited with her owner will have you crying happy tears instantly, but watching this video is totally worth the watery eyes! Sgt Dahlberg is seen stroking the dog’s head, assuring her everything will be okay. She is then shown scooping up the pup, hugging her and bringing her to the car to take her home. However, not everything was all smiles and hugs at the reunion. Unfortunately for Ginger, while she was out and about, she contracted parvovirus, an often deadly virus. Fortunately, it was caught early enough that she expects to make a full recovery. Watch the video, this moment will make your heart so full!

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