Touching Moment – Sweet Horse Comforts Depressed Woman Who Is Going Through A Divorce

Sweet horse comforts his owner (Video)

If you’ve had a pet in your life, you probably know how they can sometimes sense our emotions better than we can. They tend to know when we’re feeling happy, excited, angry, or upset. While some animals will sit back and let their owners process the emotions on their own, other animals like to intervene and offer their support. One sweet 4-year-old horse named Shiner knew just what to do when her owner, Shania, was going through a painful divorce.

This isn’t just true for dogs or cats, but for horses as well! Shania was in full marital crisis when she took, by pure chance, a video in which she is seen in the company of her two horses – Shiner and Moonshine. Always with a great passion for these animals, the Texan woman was working to become a trainer, and almost every day she used to spend time with her two equine friends to practice their moves, film their reactions. She usually set up a camera to film herself at work and to study her interaction with the animals. Shaina was moving out of her home one day and was noticeably upset. Divorce is a hard thing to go through, and when you have to move out on top of that, it’s a lot to process. Shiner seemed to know that his owner could use a shoulder to cry on and that’s exactly what he offered.

She experienced one of the most intense and touching moments

Shania explained: “I was in the process of a divorce and was moving out that day. All the emotions overwhelmed me. I sat down and something unexpected happened. I always set up my camera when I interact with my horses. I just happened to be hiding from my emotions and my horse Shiner, felt that. He felt my pain and just pulled me into his chest to let me cry it out and reassured me with his nudges. Horses feel our emotions and are great at living in the present so they are able to take our emotions from us and just let go.” Watch the video, the moment is so touching to witness. We really don’t deserve animals sometimes! 

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