Touching Reunion – Man Bursts Into Tears When He Finds His Missing Dog Lost In Tornado

An emotional reunion (Video)

The Bouchillon family was terrified that they would never see their beloved terrier, Tater, again after he was lost during a devastating tornado – but Tater and his family had an emotional reunion, offering a splash of hope amongst the wreckage.

Andy and Brandi Bouchillon were driving to take shelter in a local school as a tornado ripped through their hometown of Van, Texas, last week – that’s when the twister flipped their SUV. Their 2-week-old daughter, Bailey, and their dog, Tater, were in the car when it was lifted up off the ground and spun around. After the dust settled, the Bouchillons rushed their infant daughter to the hospital; in all the devastation, they weren’t sure if Tater had survived. Though the couple and their baby emerged unharmed after the wreck, they were understandably worried about Tater.

They assumed they’d never see their beloved dog

But when they returned to their overturned SUV the next day, they got the happy ending they were hoping for – sitting among the wreckage was Tater, unharmed and happy to see them. He was there waiting for them. Andy Bouchillon got emotional as he held his dog while news cameras rolled. “I’m just glad he’s OK,” Bouchillion said tearfully. Watch the video, man has tearful reunion with his beloved dog ‘Tater’ following tornado.

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