Tourist Touched The Horse Of The King’s Guard For a Photo – She Will Regret It

 King’s guard screaming at a tourist (Video)

London is one of the busiest cities in the world, and as such is jam packed with tourists, who descend on the capital in the hope of a chance encounter with Liz herself. Failing that, most settle for a photo opportunity with one of her many, many guards. After watching the video, one comment said: “Some people need to learn about Respect. Keep hands to your self.”

However, while some think these well-dressed military types are just playing around, they are anything but. One false move and they can and very well may kill you. But it seems that one women didn’t quite get the memo and got the fright of her life when she was given a good telling off when she tried to get a pic next to one of the King’s gee-gees. The footage shows the stoney-faced guard eye up the blonde tourist, who edges closer to his horse.

The tourist was left in shock

In the video, the blonde-haired tourist can be seen approaching the horse, getting quite close to its face. The powerful animal then turns its head towards her, forcing the woman to step backwards. In an attempt to get a bit closer to the horse, though, she then attempts to grab hold of its reins, much to the annoyance of the guard on its back. Spotting her move, the guard orders her to stop, shouting: “Stand back from the King’s lifeguard, don’t touch the reins!” Watch the video, understandably startled by the order, the woman jumps out of her skin, holding her chest as she backs away.

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