Two Dogs Start Arguing In Bed, One Dog Attempts To Reconcile – Hilarious Reaction

Their argument and attitudes was absolutely hilarious (Video)

When two children are in the same room, it’s not unusual for them to bicker. Of course, adults argue, too — and so do dogs. Even the best relationships have their ups and downs. Sometimes, that means talking things out and sometimes it means a few choice words are exchanged. Of course, this kind of behavior isn’t limited to us humans. It also happens between dogs like these two sweet Siberian huskies. The owner of these two dogs couldn’t help but grab a video camera and film their argument.

Seeing dogs argue can be scary, because if they’re really angry, dogs can hurt each other. As a dog owner, it’s hard to know how to handle that kind of situation. But luckily, in this case, the huskies’ owner could relax and have a good laugh. Both dogs used their entire bodies to fully express their intense emotions. Whatever they were squabbling about, they each felt a lot of passion for the subjects. These clever huskies behave almost like humans. They used their words and their attitudes. The result was absolutely hilarious.

They makes the whole internet burst out laughing

The huskies’ owner found her dogs in bed, where one of them seemed to start the argument. Then the other dog answered and their discussion was in full swing. The dogs started barking at each other like they were an old married couple, and having lived their whole lives under the same roof.  They stomped their paws into the mattress. They were fighting just like people! The best part was the way it ended. The first husky totally gave in, and he did it in an adorable way. Watch the video, their owner filmed the entire thing, over a million people have gotten a good laugh out of it.

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