Two Former Fighting Dogs Meet For The First Time — How They REACT Is Beyond Words!

Watch how they react! (Video)

Using dogs for fights, unfortunately, is still a very current problem in the world and it breaks my heart when I see what deep emotional and physical scars it leaves to the poor pups. It’s heartbreaking and you can’t remain immune to these stories.  But love is all around us, we just need to look for it sometimes. In cases where love is what is needed most, it can truly do miraculous things. Take these two dogs for instance. All they were shown, as they were pitted against other dogs or used as bait to lure aggression, was that love was unattainable. The basic things a dog deserves most, a pat on the head, a hug around the neck, a soft spot to lie on, was cruelly out of reach for dogs like Vito and Maggy.

But then, something truly remarkable happens. A human, with only love in his heart, steps in. A human that is willing to give an ex-fighting dog a second chance at a normal doggy life. Thankfully, organizations like Detroit Bully Corps, a non-profit rescue organization dedicated to helping and advocating for dogs, don’t give up on dogs like Maggy and Vito. They try to give these dogs, that were never treated fairly, a real shot at being happy. Maggy and Vito are saved from the blood rings, but their rescuers were concerned how they were going to react when they meet. Many months of love and work invested into the lives of these two doggies paid off, but you wouldn’t believe what kind of relationship they have. This video made me smile and cry at the same time.

Something truly remarkable happens!

William Bellottie, the president and co-founder of Detroit Bully Corps, had this to say about Vito and Maggie: “They both truly had the heart of a champion. They both decided to shed the mental scars of an old life and move forward in a world that had given them every reason to throw in the towel. Some of you have followed the history of both canines, some of you are meeting these two for the first time. Both of these canines have shown a true will to thrive and enhance the lives of all they touch.” Watch the video, I’m sure this is gonna make you smile!

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