When They Opened These Crates, I Wasn’t Expecting This Much CUTENESS To Come Out!

What comes out will melt your heart!

If there’s one thing the internet loves more than cute dogs, it just may be cute cats. A group of kittens and a group of puppies are released in one room in what could be the cutest animal video ever. So, what happens when they meet? An explosion of cuteness is what happens! There’s nothing like a first impression—and these tiny kittens and puppies are learning this fast. They have no idea what the other might be, but they begin to play anyway! Luckily, these cuties have the sweetest, fuzziest faces to distract from any difficulties.

Cats and dogs aren’t known for being best friends, so when these tiny kittens and these pint-sized puppies were put in a room together, their owners didn’t know what to expect. But when they finally realized what was going on, they couldn’t help but squeal with delight! Creative minds filmed the adorable interactions between this group of tiny kittens and puppies meeting each other for the first time. The kittens and the puppies were in their own crates on opposite sides of the room. Suddenly, the doors opened!

The result is so sweet!

At first, the puppies looked curious, if not a little sleepy. The kittens were just happy to be out of the crate, but they didn’t realize what was waiting for them outside. When all these little bundles of furry finally made contact, the results were beyond magical! It does take a little bit for the tykes to warm up to each other, but their playful sides eventually outweigh any initial doubts.  Watch the video, it will melt your heart! See what happens as they meet one another for the first time. 

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