Why Daisy Eats Ice Cream Before Cooper?

That’s why Daisy must eat before Cooper!

An adorable video shows why it’s important to make big dogs wait their turn – especially when there’s delicious ice cream on offer. In the video, Daisy and Cooper are treated to an ice cream from the drive through window at McDonalds.

They both love ice cream, however, Daisy seems to always get hers first. Polite puggle Daisy licks the ice cream lightly, but seems to enjoy it – but big dog Cooper is told he has to wait his turn. And when he finally gets his turn, it becomes clear why Cooper wasn’t allowed to go first! Why you ask? You need to watch the video and you’ll understand. I just watched this 3 times on repeat, and it’s funnier every time!!!
PS. You really shouldn’t be feeding dogs ice cream, but what’s done is done.


Source: www.last-video.com


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