Their dog passed away. Next day, wife drops down to her knees when husband surprises her!

She drops down to her knees!

The loss of our dogs is nearly inevitable since their life spans are not as long as ours, but that never lessens the pain. The logic of predictability rarely helps a grieving heart. For many people, part of what does help is welcoming a new dog into their lives as soon as they can find the right one. For many others, it takes a long time before they are ready for that, and some never are. Losing a dog can be devastating as they quickly become members of the family.

When Alan’s wife lost her dog, he knew the perfect remedy to help her overcome the grief of losing her beloved pet. Now, Alan, has just decided to start from scratch. So, the very day after the death of their dog, Alan was going to offer a gift that would quickly restore the sun in his wife’s life. As the door opens, Alan is holding the gift behind a large piece of paper. His wife understands immediately that something is up when she walks through the door. Then he reveals the gift, it’s love at first sight for his wife!

An unforgettable gift!

She immediately scoops him up with tears of joy and probably a little sadness thinking of the memories of the friendship she had with her other pet. What a sweet and thoughtful thing for her husband to do! But now it’s time to move on to new memories, and this sweet gift looks to be perfect to fit the bill. We believe that you already have your little idea in mind. Watch the video and discover what this unforgettable gift is all about!

Her genuine happiness makes me genuinely happy, too! That puppy is lucky to be going to such a loving home.

Though some people want a new dog right away and others want to wait quite a long time, still others have no time frame in mind. They simply wait until the right dog comes along, whenever that may be.

Her husband did well or it was too early?


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