Woman Sings “All By Myself” Until Tiny Chihuahua Hilariously Steals The Show

I lost it when she hit the chorus (Video)

Just like people, dogs have many talents. They can perform tricks on command and sometimes seem to understand our every word. Best of all, many dogs have the ability to know just when we need their snuggles. But it is their hidden talents that can surprise you most of all. A case in point is when a little Chihuahua proved he could sing, which he did on an episode of America’s Got Talent.

Chihuahua’s are known for their attitudes in addition to being great lap dogs. In many cases, a Chihuahua will have a favorite person that they prefer in their household, In Casper’s case, it is his mom Pam. Both of them appeared on an episode of the hit show America’s Got Talent. It’s a variety show where talented people, sometimes with their animals, compete for a $1 million prize at the end of the season. Overseen by a panel of four judges, competitors on the show must show their talent in an attempt to get the votes of the judges to pass on to the next round. For Pam and Casper, their talent was in the form of singing.

This dog had a hidden talent

But according to Pam, Casper has not always been known for his singing chops. “As a puppy, he had no voice,” she told the four-judge panel. “He would squeak and squawk. The weirdest little noises would come out of him. And then one day like a year later I was playing guitar and singing and all of a sudden this noise came out of him.” As the music started, the familiar tune of “All By Myself” by Celine Dion started to play. Judges looked on, not knowing what to expect from the duo. As Pam sang through the lyrics of the song, Casper watched obediently, waiting for his time to break-in. Finally, it was time. As the chorus began, Casper belted out a howl as he sang along. At first, it sounds like he is simply screaming, but eventually you can kind of make out that the talented dog is actually singing. “It did cross my mind, ‘Should Casper go solo?’ Okay, look, you weren’t great, Pam, but he was,” Cowell said in typical Simon Cowell fashion. “[At first] I thought he was screaming, and then amazingly he did actually start to sing. I mean, that is unbelievable, genuinely.” Watch the video, Pam and Casper get a standing ovation from the judges. Turns out he’s quite the entertaining talent, prepare to smile!

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