Woman Sprints In To Save Fox From Dog Fight As Hunters Scream At Her

She saves a fox from hunters

There’s simply nothing classy about fox hunting, a bloody tradition that uses dogs to tear foxes limb from limb. While a ban on the cruel sport has been in place for a decade, it’s hard to enforce, and no one knows how many foxes are still killed each year. But some animal activists in the U.K. are taking the law into their own hands, using whatever means they can to intervene on behalf of the defenseless animals hunted down despite the law protecting them.

This woman couldn’t stand the cruelty. The hunters sit astride horses in the fox hunting tradition, while their trained dogs do their dirty work. The hounds are zeroing in on a tiny fox when a woman sprints towards them. She starts screaming at the dogs to get them to stand back. She risked being bitten by dogs as she saved the fox from being mauled to death. She throws her own body on the fox and brings the shaking animal into her arms. As she runs away with the fox, the hunters shout from their horses: “Leave it!

Awesomely courageous woman!

Following outrage at proposals to reinstated fox hunting as a ‘sport’ in the UK, the majority position on the topic is pretty clear: England does not want fox hunting to return. The video- shared by Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary- has now garnered over 550,000 views and been shared thousands of times on Facebook. Alongside the clip, the sanctuary wrote (translated from Spanish): “UK activists come every weekend to sabotage fox hunting.

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