Woman Takes Her Dogs To Groomer But She No Longer Recognizes Them

Before and after their grooming (Video)

While most owners are happy after sending their dog to the groomers, this woman was left in shock at how her pets turned out. Sometimes a trip to the groomers doesn’t necessarily end in quite the trim the owner was expecting. When this woman picked up her two Goldendoodles, they were looking like a completely ‘different breed’.

She posted before and after photos of her two golden doodles, with the dogs looking unrecognisable following their makeover. The owner showed how her dogs looked before, with their long and golden fur covering their eyes. She then proceeded to show a photo of the way she wanted her pets to be groomed compared to how they actually turned out.

This woman was left in shock

The sound in the background says: “This is what I wanted…” Appropriately horrified, the video ends with, “And this is what I got!” While many commenters shared they thought these were two different dogs, others were quicker to pass judgement, pointing out that without regular brushing, Goldendoodle fur can become so matted a groomer only has the option to sheer them completely. Watch the video, they look like a completely different breed with their fur having been shaved completely off.

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