Woman Was Caught Repeatedly Throwing Her Dog Into a Frigid Lake to Learn How to Swim

Woman caught throwing dog into lake (Video)

A man named Elijah Boggs recently recorded a video of a woman ruthlessly tossing a frightened dog into the icy, churning waters of Lake Erie on a local beach. In this video, we see the woman dragging the dog and then she pushes the hesitant pup into the water. Every time the dog comes out of the water, soaked and shaking, the woman throws him again. She tries once again but that’s when Boggs decides to interfere.

Elijah tries to call the woman for his ruthless act. The woman casually responds that she was simply teaching her dog how to swim. But Boggs says that’s not what he saw. “I didn’t want to see it happen a third time so I went down and stopped her,” he said. “… If you teach your dog how to swim you should be careful and not throw them into the water.” She seems rather unconcerned with the fact that she has been continually committing the dog’s life through her actions. The woman blatantly ignores Elijah and throws the terrified puppy a third time. This time, Elijah threatens the police action and the woman finally stops. Elias finally reported the woman’s actions to the police, but they ignored his requests and took no action. They didn’t take a report.

The video soon became viral and police were forced to track down the woman

It was only after the video got a lot of attention online and people called in that the police department posted the picture to their Facebook page. Vermilion police wouldn’t comment on the incident but say they have identified the woman. The prosecutor’s office and the LPA officials found the dog in good health. In the end, they let the woman go, because her actions were not considered “malicious.” Watch the video, she was caught on camera repeatedly throwing her dog into a frigid and turbulent Lake, sparking outrage on social media and leading to a police investigation.

Her reason? She was teaching her dog how to swim.

Source: www.youtube.com

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