Yorkshire Was Almost Taken Away by a Bald Eagle – The Dog Escapes in The Last Minute

The bald eagle’s attack at the last minute (Video)

A brave female Yorkie managed to escape the clutches of a bald eagle after the bird of prey swooped down and snatched her from her owner’s backyard in Canada. Doorbell images from the home in Metlakatla, located in British Columbia, captured the encounter.

Justin Dudoward, Coco’s owner, said he and his girlfriend let their Yorkie out while they were sitting in the living room. The black-and-white-colored dog seemed to mind her own business, biting pieces of wood from the porch of the house before anticipating the bald eagle’s attack at the last minute. It was too little, too late, as the eagle successfully grabbed the pet before hitting a trash can, causing the Yorkie to scream.

Puppy escapes after being snatched by bald eagle

The eagle then flapped its wings as it struggled to nail the dog with its claws and can be seen struggling to take off from the grass. Seconds later, both animals move off the camera, but Coco can still be heard squeaking loudly. At that point, Dudoward said he heard his daughter scream and opened the door to let their frightened dog back in. The Yorkie emerged from the scratch with a few scratches on her abdomen, caused by the sharp claws of the bald eagle. Watch the video, the scene only lasted a few seconds, and yet it is enough to realize that everything can change very quickly.

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